Only for Adults - round, healthy & hot 

The new Event Sauna with lighting, sound and show infusions

Just like a blanket, the warmth envelops your body and mind – it wraps you in its cozy embrace. You loosen up and stay a little longer, even after the infusion, opening yourself up to the stimulating effects of our sauna. Only then, just a little later, to immerse yourself easily in our Realm of Silence. Weightlessly, you abandon all extraneous thoughts and put distance between yourself and the collected burdens on your soul. After a while, you feel re-centered. Our adults-only wellness area at Wellness Hotel Lürzerhof comprises many special highlights and unique attractions, such as the Lake Event Sauna and the Mountain SPA Cinema. Lean back, switch off, and allow the Muse to do the rest – precisely the way a wellness holiday in Austria should be.

Wellness Highlights

Eisgrotte - Event-Sauna
Eisgrotte - Event-Sauna

Unique Lake Event Sauna


See Event Sauna
See Event Sauna
  • Daily rotating theme infusions at our Lake Event Sauna
  • Event show-infusions with music
  • Alpin Bubble: hot tub with bubble beds – usable year-round
  • Guaranteed cool-down: in our natural sauna lake right in front of the outdoor sauna 
  • Comfy places around the natural sauna lake to relax 
  • Outdoor Living Room: Relax in the fresh air and acclimatize healthily after your sauna experience

Indoor Wellness


Many saunas have more moderate temperatures – if you like it hot, you will undoubtedly love spending time in our classic saunas heated to over 90°. Every day, our spa team ensures you work up a healthy sweat, including revitalizing, aromatic infusions at regular intervals. Enrich your wellness holiday in Austria with enjoyable sauna and steam-bath experiences, followed immediately by a freshness kick in the Kneipp pool or ice grotto.

Organic Herbal Hut Sauna 50°

The Organic Hut Sauna is also known as a low-temperature sauna and is gentle on your cardiovascular system. The humidity is around 50% and the temperature averages 50°C. In addition, we also offer our organic hut sauna as a herbal sauna (with herbal infusions or essential oils) along with complementary light therapy (special lighting effects).

Biohüttensauna, Event-Sauna
Biohüttensauna, Event-Sauna
Finnish Stone Sauna 90°

The Stone Sauna is a variant of the traditional Finnish sauna. With a temperature of around 90°C and very low humidity, in our Stone Sauna, surrounded by masoned stone walls, you will discover a very special atmosphere indeed.

Steinsauna, Event-Sauna
Steinsauna, Event-Sauna
Saltwater Steam Bath 50°

Our saltwater steam bath is particularly soothing on the skin and lungs. The dissolved mineral salts cleanse and detoxify. At intermittent intervals, finest dissolved mineral salts are nebulized into the air. The steam containing the salt is antibacterial, an expectorant and improves the self-cleansing abilities of the respiratory passages. This steam is especially beneficial in combatting bronchitis and asthma.

Sole-Dampfbad, Event-Sauna
Sole-Dampfbad, Event-Sauna
Aroma Steam Bath 45°

The term "aroma steam bath" refers to a type of steam bath with a warm, damp climate, heated to a temperature of around 45°C. The space is filled with herbal steams, promoting blood flow, reducing stress and relieving muscle tension. Particularly suitable for people who do not tolerate extreme heat very well.

Aroma-Damfbad, Event-Sauna
Aroma-Damfbad, Event-Sauna
Infrared Cabin

This involves radiant heat that is transferred directly to the body. The temperature of the ambient air is only slightly elevated, making it gentle on the cardiovascular system. Benefits of infrared radiation: increased blood flow, relaxed muscles, improved mobility, cleansing and detoxification, better regulated immune system and more.

Physiotherm - Infrarot Event Sauna
Physiotherm - Infrarot Event Sauna
Kneipp Pool & Ice Grotto
  • Our Kneipp pool is filled with water which is roughly calf-high and divided into different hot and cold zones. You will tread through the pool doing your best to immitate a stork! What that means: With every step, you will raise your foot completely out of the water. The temperature fluctuations stimulate blood flow and metabolism wonderfully.
  • The ice grotto is a cold fresh-air room, which you will visit after your sauna session. Rubbing off your body with ice closes your open pores immediately. Your skin is refreshed and blood flow increased.
Infrared Mountain Cinema

Enjoy regularly changing cinematic highlights as you sweat reclining on comfy infrared beds. You are in for a very pleasant surprise!

Adults-Only Wellness: Relaxation Areas


The many relaxation areas at the Lürzerhof are certain to enhance your overall wellbeing, since they are oases of peace and regeneration. Each quiet room has a character uniquely its own. Depending on your mood and general state, you will be able to relax in absolute silence or in a more communicative, convivial setting where you can engage in pleasant conversation. Restore your inner balance and allow your body to come to complete rest – here at our Lürzerhof Alpin Life Resort in Salzburger Land. Wellness holidays raised to the very highest level.

I need quiet, I want quiet, I have quiet - Alpin Life Relax
  • Quiet room decorated in natural tones with atmospheric lighting elements
  • Sun, moon & stars
  • Room of Silence – pine-paneled quiet room
  • Panorama quiet room
  • Alpin Harmony - our new quiet room
  • Love-Decks for 2
  • Outdoor Living Room
  • Vital Lounge with tea, juices, fruit,...
  • Chat Corner
Ruheraum - Event-Sauna
Sonne, Mond & Sterne - Event-Sauna
Raum der Stille - Event-Sauna
Panorama-Ruheraum - Event-Sauna
Love Decks - Event-Sauna
Outdoor-Lounge - Event-Sauna
Plauder-Ecke - Event-Sauna