Rejuvenating Wellness Treatments

SPA treatments for your wellbeing.


An effective wellness program activates body and mind, while providing sufficient phases of regeneration in between. Even a single treatment might well have positive effects, though those effects will always be intensified by other complementary wellness treatments. And let's face it, it's impossible to get enough, whether being massaged by a professional, bathing, or feeling the invigorating refreshment on your face. We have developed a one-of-a-kind 360-degree feel-good approach which, in the form of wellness packages, serves as the perfect counterpoint to your wellness holiday.

Wellnessbehandlungen im Wellnesshotel
Wellnessbehandlungen im Wellnesshotel

Hand-Selected Wellness Treatments


In order to make it easier for you to find the right treatments, in the following sections we have compiled our most important spa and beauty highlights. Needless to say, when we were choosing the right products to use in our treatments, we were committed exclusively to the very best quality. Browse our selection, then reserve your favorite package even before you get here – so you can be assured of getting the appointments and treatments you prefer.


How great it is. Finally, your holidays have arrived and you have time to do something good for yourself! A massage with us is something truly special, because our therapists only want one thing: for you to feel better. When it comes to our masseurs, you are literally in the best of hands. With a fine touch, the harmonious interplay of kneading, tapping and stroking relieves tension in body and soul, your head clears,…
Proven massages loosen the muscles, remove blockages and promote deep relaxation. Targeted handholds help to alleviate discomfort and enhance your general wellbeing.

Full-body massage

50 min € 68

Partia-body massage

25 min € 38

Aromatic oil massage

50 min € 75 · 25 min € 42

Head and neck massage

25 min € 38

Sports massage (back, shoulders, legs)

50 min € 75 · 25 min € 42

Calf massage (legs and feet)

40 min € 59

HEALTH massagen

Lymph drainage, legs 

50 min € 69

Lymph drainage, face

25 min € 39

Foot reflexology stimulation

25 min € 42

Breuss Massage

25 min € 42

Back Special 

50 min € 75


Alpin Hot Stone Massage


Here, warm stones are used to massage your body with exquisite essences and pleasantly pamper your body. Marvelous! Promotes ultimate relaxation while activating energy flow.


75 min € 97

25 min € 49 (back only)

Salzburg Herbal Stamp Massage


Here, finest herbs are wrapped in farmhouse linen to create stamps. Warmed, dampened and soaked in oil, they are then used in stroking motions to massage muscles and energy pathways. An absolute wellness dream!


50 min € 75

25 min € 49 (back only)

Lomi Lomi Nui


Long, flowing massage motions, occasionally administered with the forearm, glide with the aid of warm massage oils across your body, accompanied by sounds of Hawaii, alternating with gentle joint-loosening and energy treatments. Feel like a child cradled in its mother's arms. Simultaneously beautiful and touching!


80 min € 110

30 min € 55 (back only)

Pine Vitality Massage


Pine has been prized for centuries for its positive characteristics and its effects on the human body. Pine reduces heart frequency and stress, stabilizes the metabolism and prevents sleep disorders. During your Pine Vitality Massage, pine is used in different forms, including as a fascia roll. The warmth of pine wands as well as the pine massage lotion with arnica and honey promote deep relaxation, penetrate down to the deepest layers of muscle and improve blood flow throughout the body. The result: improved energy flow as well as relief from tension and removal of blockages.


75 min € 97

25 min € 49 (back only)

Alpin Saltstone Massage


Energizing massage therapy with warm and cold saltstones. Relaxes and reenergizes the whole body (face, neck, arms & back), decelerates, energizes and remineralizes!


50 min € 75

25 min € 49 (back only)


Select the bath additive you prefer:

  • LAVENDER BATH: soothing effect, cleanses and harmonizes. Classic relaxation bath.
  • ALPINE-ROSE BATH: This fragrant wellness bath relaxes and pampers your skin.
  • HONEY-MILK BATH: simply because soft, pampered skin is beautiful. The classic.
  • PINE BATH WITH HONEY AND ROSEMARY: A mix of pine- and rosemary oil promotes blood flow, regenerates and soothes, naturally pure mountain honey nourishes and strengthens, top-quality orange oil tones connective tissue.
  • ALPIN LIFE SECRET: finest alpine ingredients such as buttermilk and alpine herbs - you will be pleasantly surprised!


Bathing joys for 2

  • Relaxing bath for two - select the bath additive you prefer 
  • 2 glasses of Prosecco or alcohol-free cocktails
  • Snuggle & relax in a beautiful setting 

60 min  € 68


You & Me Partner Massage

  • Simultaneous massage by 2 therapists right next to each other 
  • Bubbling conclusion thanks to a glass of Prosecco

Partial-body massage + 15 min rest afterwards
25 min € 99

Full-body massage + 15 min rest afterwards
50 min € 159

All you need is love

  • Private sauna with small selection of sauna fragrances 
  • Bath for two with your favorite bath additives
  • Snuggle & relax in a beautiful setting
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine and fruit plate with chocolate as a snack 

120 min € 135


All you need is love & more

  • incl. 25 min massage
    130 min € 195
  • incl. 50 min massage
    145 min €243


Here, you will lie swaying gently on soothingly warm water – with which your skin will never come in direct contact. The essence you select will do nothing but good for your body. The warmth will open your skin pores, while the wrap applied to your body will nourish your skin marvelously. For perfect care and relaxation, we recommend a peel beforehand and a massage after.




  • Pine Salt Peel with honey & honeycomb extract
    Finest rock salt and silicon-rich Zeolith cleanse the skin and promote blood flow. Nutrient-rich milk extracts as well as best-quality olive oil give the skin new elasticity and suppleness. The valuable minerals activate cell metabolism and restore balance to the skin.
  • Salt Peel with arnica, rosemary & citronella
    The skin is cleansed pore-deep and the complexion clarified. Especially skin with impurities with a tendency to inflammation will benefit from the strongly antioxidative active ingredients. Valuable milk extracts and olive oil provide intensive skincare, moisture, while protecting the acid layer.
  • Body Peel with hayflower & apricot stones
    This efficient body peel cleanses the skin with gentle peeling crystals, helps to stimulate microcirculation and gives the skin a clear, more radiant appearance.

each 20 min € 36



  • Alpine Beauty – with hyaluronic acid, apple & rosehips
    Unique, intensively moisturizing body cream with a pleasant fragrance for long-lasting skincare. Protective extracts of apple, rosehip and hydrating botanical hyaluronic acid bring added vitality and glow to your skin.
  • Alpine Energy – with arnica & St. John's wort
    With revitalizing power of pure heliophyte plants. Health wrap to treat tired joints and muscles. Reduces stress, relieves tension and improves muscle performance.
  • Alpine Wisdom – anti-aging with grapes & sea buckthorn
    The bundled power of the fruits in this beauty wrap enhance the skin's own protective ability and give it a pleasantly silky touch.
  • Alpine Serenity – with camomile and marigold
    Gently soothing and balancing wrap of body creams for optimal skin protection. The carefully selected extracts of pure camomile and marigold intensively nourish the skin.

each  25 min € 36


Natural SPA Treatments

Do something good for your body, your soul will thank you for it.

Farewell to Cellulite  


This is a successful treatment of unflattering cellulite. The unique synergy of massage, singing bowls and cupping technique - in combination with effective natural products - helps to reduce these unwelcome dimples.


  • activating foot bath
  • stimulating body peel  
  • stimulating cupping treatment  
  • cellulite massage with singing bowls


50 min € 84

Slim & Toned


Helps reduce stretch- and pregnancy marks.


  • massage technique with cupping glasses  
  • warm wrap for problem zones  
  • rolling and pulling massage to drain tissue  
  • concluding with a singing-bowl massage  


50 min € 79

Vitalis Massage Resonanz Dorsalis - back regeneration


Relieves tension in the back muscles and improves the dynamics of the spine. Great relaxation for stressed backs!


  • Back massage with arnica oil 
  • Hot roll
  • Stimulating cupping treatment  
  • Concluding with singing-bowl technique  


50 min € 79

Ear-Candle Treatment


A soothing sensation of warmth and "liberating" pressure equalization in the ear and head area are initiated by the slight negative pressure caused by the ear candles. Pleasant deep relaxation ensues.


25 min € 39

Lürzerhof manicure with massage & polish

60 min € 65

Lürzerhof pedicure with peel & polish

60 min € 65

Manicure with strips

75 min € 73

Manicure with end-of-treatment care

45 min € 47

Pedicure with end-of-treatment care

45 min € 52

Pedicure with strips

75 min € 75


Finger- or toenail polish

  • with regular polish 20 min € 16
  • with French polish 25 min €19
  • with strips 30 min € 30

Kiss for the Hands & Feet


Alpienne beauty treatment (peel & wrap) for the hands and feet

ca. 20 min € 25

8 min € 5.50

Eyelash tint 

€ 17

Eyebrow tint

€ 17,–

Eyelash & -brow tint

€ 30

Eyebrow shaping

€ 16


Full leg

€ 49

Legs below the knee

€ 34

Upper lip or chin

€ 12

Bikini zone

€ 24


€ 21

Back or chest - men

€ 35


Facial treatment with intensive cleansing


Classic treatments and deep cleansing tailored to your specific skin type. For clean, soft, radiant, vibrant skin.

  • warm steam compresses  
  • gentle massage-peel to stimulate lymphatic flow
  • deep cleansing, also with tiny cupping glasses, if desired
  • peel-off mask, daytime skin products to conclude treatment

55 min € 69

Full facial treatment – the classic

Natural active ingredients tailored to your skin's individual needs, with immediate, relaxing effects.

  • Skin diagnostic and eyebrow shaping 
  • Lymph-stimulating massage and warm steam compresses
  • Peel and deep cleansing, also with tiny cupping glasses, if desired  
  • Special serum with facial massage
  • Intensive mask, concluding with individualized daytime skin products

80 min € 99

Anti-Aging – intensive treatment for ladies

Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting massage tailored to your skin's needs. We will get the best out of your skin, we promise. For younger appearance and immediate effects.

  • Skin diagnostic and eyebrow shaping  
  • Lymph-stimulating massage and warm steam compresses
  • Peel and deep cleansing, also with tiny cupping glasses, if desired
  • Special serum with facial massage
  • Bioenergetic flower-petal stamp – lifting massage and anti-aging intensive mask
  • Individualized daytime skin products to conclude

110 min € 125

Anti-Aging – high-tech power, intensive treatment for men

Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting massage tailored to your skin's needs. We will get the best out of your skin, we promise. For younger appearance and immediate effects.

  • Skin diagnostic
  • Lymph-stimulating massage and warm steam compresses
  • Peel and deep cleansing
  • Special serum
  • Anti-aging intensive mask with relaxing face massage 
  • Individualized daytime skincare to conclude

55 min € 69


Intended for the 4th month of pregnancy until birth. Here, you will find tips from our therapists on treatments likely to be especially beneficial for your body during pregnancy. Naturally, you can also select from our extensive massage and beauty program, then our therapists will be happy to adapt each treatment to your special circumstances.

Treatments for expectant mothers

Facial treatment with intensive cleansing

55 min € 69

Facial lymph drainage

25 min € 39

Massage "Baby Moon"

Gentle back massage with warm oil, also sitting or on your side if you prefer.

25 min € 42

Hand care

Manicure with massage & polish

€ 65

Manicure concluding with a brief hand massage

€ 47

Foot care

Pedicure with peel & polish

€ 65

Pedicure concluding with a brief foot massage

€ 52,–

Alpin Mama

  • small facial treatment
  • foot- and leg massage
  • pedicure with polish

125 min € 149

"Beauty is the mirror of the soul", they say. With expert consultation and outstandingly trained employees, we are able to accentuate your natural beauty. At Wellness Hotel Lürzerhof, we exclusively use products from companies whose practices are consistent with our philosophy. Nature and the surrounding natural world are very important to us, constantly integrated into everything we do in order to meet your high expectations. To make it easier for you to pick and choose from our wide selection, we have put together a number of packages for you to take a look at.


Mountain & Meadow – traditional and relaxing


  • Salt peel with pine & honey and honeycomb extract 
  • Salzburg herbal-stamp massage for the back 

55 min 1 person € 77

Forest & Field – energizing and balancing


  • Alpine body wrap with arnica & St. John's wort 
  • Alpin stone massage for the back
  • Intensively cleansing facial treatment

105 min 1 person € 138

Gliding High


It is incredibly impressive to see how much power is contained in the herbs and plants of our mountain world. Glide with us on this relaxing journey that will also pamper your skin.


  • Salt peel with arnica, rosemary & citronella
  • Salzburg herbal stamp massage for the whole body
  • Alpine serenity - body wrap with camomile & marigold

125 min 1 pers. € 152

Alpin Mama


  • Small facial treatment
  • Foot and leg massage
  • Pedicure with polish

€ 149 

Specials for Kids & Teens

Young & Style facial treatment


For lads and lasses under 18, ideal for youthful problem skin, with deep cleansing and skincare.


50 min € 65

Massage for Kids & Teens


Marvelous, relaxing massage for young people ages 7 - 12.


20 min € 27

Just for Girls


Facial treatment and massage with mask, small manicure with polish.


60 min € 74

Relax completely



Natural Wellness Products


Vitalis Produkte
Vitalis Produkte

"We work with the most intelligent laboratory in the world. We work with nature." VITALIS Dr. Joseph, the certified master-manufacturer in South Tyrol, has adhered to this philosophy, coupled with expertise and modern technical know-how, for over a quarter-century. The perfect combination for us here at Wellness Hotel Lürzerhof. As a producer of massage oils and wellness products and, for the most part, organic-certified natural cosmetics, VITALIS Dr. Joseph is our dependable, competent partner. VITALIS Dr. Joseph’s organically certified natural cosmetics meet the very highest personal expectations. Immerse yourself in our world of Alpine Wellness and experience the special dimension of exclusive high-quality natural products from the Alps.

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