Our Gnadenalm in summer: the essence of the Alps

Magical, authentic mountain hut in Obertauern.


The Gnadenalm represents the very heart & soul of the Lürzerhof. Not because it's physically in the center of our resort, because it's not. Rather, because it is the vibrant pulse of the Alpine lifestyle which courses through our veins. On the one hand, this is because we are able to indulge our own personal passions here, while on the other, the Gnadenalm is the summer epicenter of unforgettable experiences surrounded by the wild and romantic natural landscapes of the Tauern range. If you ever open yourself to one of the wide spectrum of opportunities available up here, you will never leave this impressive place without being overcome by a sense of awe and astonishment. Here, you are simultaneously an explorer and hiker. A gourmet and mountain-bike addict. A disciple of cross-country skiing, a fan of snowshoeing and a king of sledding. And thanks to our Mountain Breakfast and Fondue Evenings at the Gnadenalm, you will also be able to savor the full culinary flavor of our hut as well.

Our Gnadenalm in Summer


Our Gnadenalm mountain hut actually encompasses an entire high plateau, which we look after and host for you, our guests, enriching your summer vacation with a wide array of opportunities for outdoor recreation. If you are looking for a more leisurely experience, you'll probably feel right at home taking a walk amid the breathtaking mountain scenery, past rustic huts, babbling streams and the rushing Johannes Waterfall. If you are a mountaineer with a love for challenging vertical gains, the sunrise will likely draw you to the high peaks towering above the surrounding countryside. For their part, kids learn from Mother Nature and the playful challenges they have to overcome during the "Alles Alm" scavenger hunt. Discover our Gnadenalm in summer, a hub of alpine life, all the while giving your full attention to Salzburg's imposing alpine world - you are certain to be utterly captivated.

Numerous summer activities
  • "Alles Alm" interactive pathway
  • Hiking and mountaineering for all abilities
  • Rock-climbing opportunities
  • Mountain bike trails
  • Annual Almfest celebration
Alles Alm Familienerlebnis auf der Gnadenalm
Alles Alm Gnadenalm Sommer 1

Advantages for Lürzerhof guests

Guests of our Alpin Life Resort are always able to experience the sunny side of the Gnadenalm, enjoying a number of exclusive advantages in summer included in the Lürzerhof standard daily room rate:


  • 1x weekly: Mountain Breakfast on our beautiful hut terrace (optional)
  • 1x weekly: Hut Evening instead of dinner at the hotel (optional)
  • Afternoon snacks at the Gnadenalm are also included 
  • Guided hikes across alpine pastures close to the Gnadenalm, playground for our littlest guests